International Air Courier Service (FedEx)

Do you have a need to get shipments in and out of Australia as quickly as possible without any pain or frustration? This is a question I thought long and hard about and I finally decided to partner the world’s largest and most professional courier company Federal Express (FedEx), Yes the same conpany who helped Tom Hanks become friends with a Volley Ball in the movie Castaway.

There is a myth about courier companies and what they can carry!!, Did you know FedEx can fly anything up to 5 Ton per shipment and we at Total Freight export and import anything from 1kg satchels up to hundreds of kilo shipments all over the world.

This service can also be cheaper than sea freight for shipment up to about 70 kilograms but unless we get the chance to explain it to people , rarely do they understand what we are on about.

Give it a try!! you might like it!